California resident Michael James has been working in the fragrance industry for fifteen years. After nearly two decades of assisting perfume stores at the retail level, James decided his expertise would be better utilized as a creative director. The inner workings of the perfume world have enabled James to express his passion for fragrance through the launch of his own line: Eighteen Fifty. Eighteen Fifty is a California-based lifestyle brand that aims to capture all the charm and allure of the sunny west coast through meticulously composed original creations. It has been a long-sought-after dream for James to actualize a collection of fragrant creations for the state that he's been proud to call home for so many years. From the effervescent brilliance of Chaplin in Venice to the sophistication of Chateau or even the magnetism of the honey-based La Jolla, there's something in the lineup to appeal to a variety of olfactory tastes. While in pursuit of someone who could bring his perfume brand to fruition, James turned to perfumer friend Mahsam Raza, who was able to translate James's ideas for the brand into the scented creations that we now invite as the three initial offerings from the brand. The two kept in close communication through all the tweaks and adjustments that were made to each composition. They worked tirelessly until everything was perfect. Now, James is proud to present to you Eighteen Fifty. We welcome you to experience our fragrances and make one of them your own. As something so personal, James knew that perfume is what would best capture the ethos of California in a way one could remember. Try it for the moment, own it for life.